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Are vehicles your passion? They are ours as well. That is why we have put together some tips and specialised articles to provide you with deeper insights into the world of market analysis and dealer network planning.


Who is winning? Who is losing? – analyse your own market situation in 3 steps

What is our market position? Who are our competitors? These and other questions are important with regard to your market development and are crucial for success. More...

Network Development

E-mobility interview: Part 1

“The time when electric vehicles were a premium product that was only bought by a small target group is slowly coming to an end.”   The shift towards e-mobility is in full swing and car manufacturers are recording a strong increase in sales figures for electric vehicles.  More…


How to prepare after-sales operations for the rapid transformation of the automotive industry

Whether digitalisation, alternative drives, connectivity or autonomous driving - new mobility concepts have long been a major part of the news in the automotive sector. But how does it affect the after-sales sector? More…


Why you should always work with a de-distorted vehicle market

How effective are my sales structures? How loyal are my customers? Where is potential hidden? These are typical questions for market analyses and network planning. More...


Why an in-depth analysis of dealer sales is important

Sales via local commerce play a central role in the success of every vehicle manufacturer. Dealers ensure business growth and are a direct link between companies and customers More...

Network Development

E-mobility: 4 recommendations for dealer network planners

E-mobility is still a major topic in the automotive industry. Various governments are promoting the use of e-vehicles, many new service concepts are being launched More…


Network Development

E-mobility interview: Part 2

“The goal for every manufacturer must be to at least maintain the market share that they previously had with combustion engines.” The rapidly growing e-mobility market presents manufacturers with major challenges and poses a great number of questions. More...

Network Development

"Corona is a marathon that we will have to deal with for a long time to come."

In this interview, our consultant Tobias Grün talks about the current situation in the automotive industry and about the measures that manufacturers and dealers have already taken to overcome the crisis. More...


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